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desember 1, 2005

Peres ut av Ap

KNESSET-VALGET 2006 Peres ut av Ap Shimon Peres forlater Arbeiderpartiet etter en mannsalder i partiet. Han vil også takke nei til gjenvalg i Knesset etter

Israel is a harbor of refuge

The majority of the Jews that have come to Israel did so because they had to, and not so much because they really wanted to come.

Have the Jews stolen the land?

Some people say that the Jews have stolen Arab territory in the Middle East. Lets do a calculation to question this statement.

The Jews have rights to the land

We often hear that the Jewish people have no rights to the land of Israel. This is because there were people who lived in that area before, and they did not want a majority of Jews there. In the struggle for establishing Israel (around 1948) the Jewish people did much that cannot stand up to scrutiny today, they argue. The Jews carried out massacres, drove Arabs away and stole their land. Also later there are many «dirty secrets» regarding Israel, they claim.


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