Yasser Arafats jihad-tale i Johannesburg

Nå kan du høre Yasser Arafats berømte jihad-tale fra 10. mai 1994 på Miff.no.

Nå kan du høre Yasser Arafats berømte jihad-tale fra 10. mai 1994 på Miff.no.

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Arafat taler på utydelig engelsk, og opptaket er noe dårlig. En engelsk utskrift av talen er tilgjengelig lenger nede på denne siden.

Arafat holdt Johannesburg-talen til sør-afrikanske muslimer i mai 1994, bare åtte måneder etter Oslo-avtalen ble undertegnet. Talen var den første av en rekke krigshissende taler, noe som fikk mange israelere til å miste troen på Oslo-prosessen og stemme Benjamin Netanyahu til makten ved valget i 1996.

I talen blir Oslo-avtalen sammenlignet med våpenhvilen profeten Muhammed inngikk med Kureish-stammen i den klare hensikt å bryte den stå snart han var sterk nok. PLO anså fredsprosessen som en anledning til å arbeide for sitt viktigste politiske mål, å ødelegge den jødiske staten og erstatte den med en arabisk, palestinsk stat. Det var ingen hemmelighet, PLO-lederne erklærte det åpent.

Talen i Johannesburg vil bli husket av mange israelere som det første forvarsel på terrorkrigen som fulgte seks år senere.

Arafat’s Speech in Johannesburg
May 10, 1994

The following is the complete text of PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat’s
address to a Islamic gathering in a mosque in Johannesburg on May 10.
Brothers, I have to thank you to give me this opportunity to come here to pray together, and Insh’Allah, we will pray together very soon in Jerusalem, the first shrine of Islam.

Excuse me for my poor language in English, but I try to do my best.

My brothers, after the signing of the agreement, and we have to understand that after the Gulf War, the real conspiracy is to demolish completely the Palestinian issue from the agenda from the agenda of the international new order. This is where the main conspiracy and it was not easy, because our people as you know had paid the price of this Gulf War. As you know, our community in Kuwait, which was the biggest and richest community in Kuwait, had been kicked out of Kuwait.

Not only that, after that, we had been placed by this initiative declared by President Bush for Madrid Conference. And it wasn’t easy, how we had accept to go to Madrid Conference, and in spite of the very bad conditions, we had accepted to go to Madrid Conference. Why? Not to give them the reason and an excuse to exclude the cause of Jerusalem, the cause of Palestine. This has to be understood. And long after this agreement which is the first step and not more than that, believe me. There are a lot to be done.

The Jihad will continue, and Jersualem is not for the Palestinian People. It is for all the Muslim Uma [the muslim people], all the Muslim Uma. You are
responsible for Palestine and for Jerusalem before me.

[Listeners shouting.]
[Arafat reading verse from the Koran in Arabic.]

This blessing, to Abraham, for the land which had been blessed for the whole world. While after this agreement, you have to understand, our main battle is not to get how much we can achieve from them here or there. Our main battle is Jerusalem, Jerusalem, the first shrine of the Muslims.

This has to be understood for everybody and for this I was insisting before signing to have a letter from them, from the Israelis, that Jerusalem is one of the items which has to be under discussion. And not the permanent state of Israel – no! It is the permanent state of
Palestine. Yes, it is the permanent state of Palestine. And in this letter it is very important for everybody to know, I insist to mention and they have written it and I have this letter. I didn’t declare – I didn’t publish it till now. In this letter we are responsible for all the Christian and the Muslim and the Islamic holy sacred places, and I had insisted to mention the Christian holy sacred place before the Islamic holy sacred place because I had to be faithful to the agreement between the Calipha Omar and the Patriarch Saphrona.

You remember this agreement between the Calipha Omar and the Patriarch Saphrona. For this I was insisting to mention in this letter the Christian holy places beside the Islamic holy places.

And here we are, I can’t… and I have to speak frankly. I can’t do it alone, without the support of the Islamic Uma, I can’t do it alone. And what to say like the Jews, go and you will have to fight alone. No! You have to come, and to fight and to start the Jihad to liberate Jerusalem, your first shrine.

And this is very important. And for this, in the agreement, I insist with my colleagues, with my brothers, to mention that not exceeding the beginning of the third year and directly after signing the Cairo agreement to start discussions for the future of Jerusalem. The future of Jerusalem.

And you saw me on TV while I was hesitating…you remember the picture? Because I was insisting to mention Jerusalem. And I said OK, I don’t want only from Rabin this promise. No! I want this promise from the co-sponsors, Christopher and Kosyrev, and as a witness,
President Mubarak. And this has been done, which is very important for everybody to know.

Now, here we are. There is, and everybody has to understand that, there is a continuous conspiracy against Jerusalem. During the next two years, which have been mentioned, not exceeding the beginning of the third year, they will try to demolish and to change the demographics of Jerusalem. It is very important, unless we have to be very cautious and to put it in our priority as nothing worth to be priority than Jerusalem. To put it in our first priority not only as Palestinians, not only as Arabs, but as Muslims and as Christians too. I have mentioned this to the Pope and to the Patriarch of Istanbul and the Archbishop of Canterbury. To those I told them, if you want to make your holy sepulchre, your holy, sacred Christian places. OK. Carry on with the Israelis, with the Jews.

We are not against the Jews. We have to remember what has been mentioned in our Koran, (quotation in Arabic from the Koran) That among the nations of Musa there is a nation, or a part of the nation, which they believe in just, and by just they control. And for your information, there are two Jewish sects, in Palestine. Samaritans in Nablus and Natorei Karta in Jersualem. They are refusing to recognize the state of Israel and they are considering themselves as Palestinians. I’m saying this to give you proof that what they are saying that it is their capital – no! It is not their capital, it is our capital, it is your capital. It is the first Shrine of the Islam and the Muslims.

But we are in need of your support. Everywhere. This is a message for the people, of Palestine from our populations in Jerusalem. Calling to you, for everybody here, not only here, everywhere, and I’m sure sooner or later, we’ll pray in Jerusalem. Together.

This agreement I am not considering it more than the agreement which had been signed between our prophet Mohammed and Quraysh. And you remember, Caliph Omar had refused this agreement and considering it the agreement of the very low class [solha donia]. But Mohammed had accepted it and we are accepting now this peace accord.

But to continue our way to Jerusalem, to the first shrine, together and not alone. And we have to say clearly and honestly, that there is a very, very, very difficult circumstances that face us. I’ll give one quote – one example. You remember after the massacre took place in the mosque in Hebron? You remember? Twenty two days the security council was hesitating to accept the resolution to condemn this massacre. You remember? Twenty two days. Do you know why? For one way I was insisting to put in this resolution «throughout the occupied Palestinian land and territories, including Jerusalem.» They were trying to bargain with me, to cancel Jerusalem. I refused. And I got it in the end, and you remember.

Again, I have to thank you, I have to thank you from my heart, from my heart, and I am telling you frankly from brother to brother, we are in need of you, we are in need of you as Muslims, as Mujahidin.

And on this occasion, I have to tell my old friend, my old brother, Nelson Mandela, to thank him for give me this invitation to come, to visit South Africa for the first time as a part of your struggle, I am here. And I am telling again by your names and by the name of the Islamic Uma that we will be beside him and we are sure that you will continue to be beside us.

Again, I have to say: (Verses from the Koran in Arabic.)

We will enter the Mosque like we entered before.


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